Advanced Fire Doors fire door inspections conform to the industry’s Essential Services requirements and comply with AS1905.1, AS1851.7, AS4072.1 and BCA 1996-CP8. Our independent assessment of your fire doors takes the stress away from property owners, ensuring that only small, necessary maintenance or replacement work needs to be performed for compliance. Advanced Fire Doors is focused on providing you with expert service and advice to get the job done promptly at an affordable price. We’re not interested in pointless extras and inflated costs as some of our competitors are. Trust us for speed, reliability, expert care and a cost-effective solution.

fire doors inspection vehicles
fire door inspections vehicles

In 1994, the Building Control Commission placed a legal obligation on building owners and managers in Australia to properly maintain all Essential Services to ensure you, your employees, clients, and tenants continue to have the quality service, safety and consistent performance required from your property. At Advanced Fire Doors, we provide passive fire protection, fire door inspections, and fire door maintenance programs giving you access to a company with over thirty years combined experience in this specialised field of installing fire rated products.

We offer a competitively priced, charge-by-door service with your choice of a set quarterly inspection (Type 1) or a yearly inspection (Type 2). Upon completion of an inspection, we issue a detailed and fully comprehensive report on every fire door inspection on the premises. To ensure a properly catalogued history of each fire door is retained, a log book will be issued which must be maintained on the premises and available for inspection.

Type 2 inspections can only be carried out or supervised by a competent professional with extensive experience in the field of fire doors and passive fire protection. Advanced Fire Doors are perfectly suited for the job, providing all of your fire door inspection needs. Call us today on 0419 874 215 and start protecting your property today.

Advanced Fire Doors is FDA Australia Code of Practice compliant.


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