While fire burns, smoke kills. Whether through inhaling toxic substances or a slow suffocation, smoke is the truly deadly element of any fire. Smoke doors can contain the spread of smoke throughout a building and provide a safe escape route for your employees, clients, and tenants.


As part of a building’s essential services requirements, smoke doors and fire doors are now required in all buildings

smoke doors
smoke doors

by national legislation. Advanced Fire Doors can ensure your smoke doors are up the highest quality standards, keeping your occupants and property safe from harm. We offer inspections to assess each smoke door and provide you with a comprehensive report of the maintenance work required. As independent contractors, we only ever recommend necessary steps and never advise that you undertake expensive and unnecessary work.

Smoke Doors

Our expert team have more than thirty years of combined industry experience and are perfectly suited to handle all of your smoke and fire door repairs and general maintenance. Choose a team you can trust for reliability, high quality service, and guaranteed customer satisfaction. There’s no substitute for safety and we’re fully committed to providing our customers with the best.

Sales & Installations

Advanced Fire Doors is perfectly suited to help you improve the safety of your property with our wide range of products and services sure. We’re the leading smoke and fire door supplier and installer in Melbourne with service and reliability that is trusted by a wide range of high profile clients. We stock doors from all the leading brands, including Lorient, Lockwood and Dorma and can supply locks, latches, handles, door closers, hinges and anything else you need.

Advanced Fire Doors fire door installations, fire door inspections, and fire doors are FDA Australia Code of Practice compliant. For more information on any of the above services or a quote, please call us on 0419 874 215.


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