Fire doors are a crucial aspect of any building’s essential services. Constructed of fire resistant materials, fire doors prevent or delay the spread of fire from one compartment to another, giving occupants more time to escape.

At Advanced Fire Doors, we’re experts in passive fire protection systems, including the assessment, sale, and installation of fire doors. With a collective 40 years experience, our team can ensure the safety of your building’s occupants and your compliance to current legislation.


Our inspections are completely independent, ensuring you receive reliable advice that complies with AS1905.1, AS1851.7, AS4072.1 and BCA 1996-CP8. We offer Type 1 and Type 2 inspections, with quarterly and yearly options available. Every job is charged on a competitive door-by-door basis and completed on the presentation of a detailed report.


We offer the sale of top quality fire door brands, including Lorient, Lockwood, and Dorma. With our expert customer service, you’ll receive the right door to meet your commitments under Essential Services legislation, while working within your budgetary requirements.


For new constructions and retro-fits, Advanced Fire Doors can install fire and smoke doors in the correct manner. We hang doors perfectly square, with any gaps between the door and the frame filled with fire-resisting material. We can also service existing doors and replace components such as locks, latches, handles, door closers, and hinges.

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